Merchants who are doing Amazon e-commerce business should know how important product review it is. Although Amazon has more and more rigorous regulations in publishing product review, high-quality reviews and the number still largely determine the rank of a listing, which means sales. This is why many Amazon merchants love and hate review.

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However, where does the continuous reviews come from with high quality? It would be time-consuming and laborious if it is fetched in manual ways; relying on nearby friends? You might only get limited number. Today’s we will introduce you a way of use a set of tools to developed continuous reviews from consumers, you can get unlimited reviews by using this procedure.

1st Part: Tools Preparation

There are some tools that you don’t need to use, and some are unable to be replaced. I guess everyone is a veteran, so different people have different opinions! Of course, if you are a freshman, we still recommend that you use the following tools at the beginning.

  1. Helium 10: Mainly used to insert keywords-get keyword hyperlinks (“ASINSeed” is also an alternative)
  2. Zonpages: (1 USD trial for 1 month when we were using it – not sure the price right now), it is mainly used to integrate Manychat to do giveaway activities – request review by email -keyword ranking. (It is strongly recommended that novices use it at the beginning, and we will also introduce it by using this one below)
  3. ManyChat: (the free version has functional limitations, the Pro version is 10 US dollars/month, suggest “Pro version”, it is easy to use), linking to the facebook (FB) homepage, doing automatic robot reply, discount code distribution, requesting review in automation, Accumulating customer – all these various requirements can be flexibly realized, it is very important!
  4. Messenger: FB official real-time messager platform, shared by humans and robots, completely free.
  5. bitly: URL shortener, making shorten links to facilitate data statistics, completely free.
  6. Facebook account: create BM (Business Manger) platform, brand page, advertising account, etc.

The above tools are paid or free, you may decide by your own choice. Of course, there are alternatives, you may search it by yourself.

2nd Part: Operation Step Decomposition

1.Use of Helium 10 tools

This tool is very powerful, we guess someone has already been using it, here we will only use its hyperlink function, so we will only introduce this function in this article, website link is as below (no login required):


As shown above,

1) Fill in the brand name of the product you want to make review, usually it is your own brand;

2) The keywords you want to promote (rank);

3) The ASIN of your own product is no need to be filled in this step. We have tested it, the product list with links that generated by the keyword you filled in the step 2 includes all the products in your own brand.

4) Click “Generate” button to generate keyword hyperlinks;

5) Copy the links (position 4 in the image);

6) You can click on the “position 5” in the image to check on the relevant site, whether the link is correct or not;

Note: You must first select the website you want to promote, it is under “Choose Your Marketplace”.

The above is the only function we need to use in Helium 10. Other tools of Helium 10 are also very powerful. Here you can simply copy the hyperlink by yourself.


This tool is strongly recommended for everyone, especially beginners. Because some of the logic in the tool can be learned by beginners.

Very helpful for merchants just getting started. Try it for one month at 1 USD, and you can cancel later. Buying 1 month as an entry point, we think it is very cost-effective! You can use this tool after you are familiar with it. Next, let’s talk about the specific usage:

After registration for the trial, the interface is as follows, we mainly use the function circled in the image, which is its template:

Another function “keyword boosts” can also be tried. Personally, we feel that it belongs to big merchants, it is the practice of promoting new products at large discounts or sending products for free.

But it takes risk while you saves time and cost, we haven’t used it, you may share your experience if you have used it.

Another function is to link your PAYPAL account for later use of rebate.

Let’s talk about the advantage of using this tool: it can directly detect the correctness of the order placed by the reviewer during purchasing process.

There are also changes in the order status that can be reflected in the tool, as we remember it requires authorization of your Amazon account, so you have to be careful.


Next, we will talk about the key play, the selection and use of templates, it is also called creating MCI.

There are two steps you need to do first:

a) Link your already registered Manychat account, preferably the Pro version, as the free version has more restrictions.

b) Associate the Amazon account that you want to promote the product (you need to manage well for the risk, we suggest to use alt account for learning the process)

After completing these two steps, the ZONPAGE interface is as follows:

Next we need to Create New MCI on ManyChat, the MCI is the logic flow for requesting review by using this tool on ZONPAGE, which will be imported into ManyChat later.

(This is the function of several templates, you can take a look)

1) How to create a new MCI

Just fill in the above form, title is used to record products, so you can do it yourself.

Rebate Percentage” is the proportion of the rebate, 100% means full rebate;

Listing Price” is the product price;

Amazon Product URL” is the hyperlink we produced earlier with Helium 10 tool;

Keyword” is the keyword we want to promote;

Daily Rebate Limit: the daily limit of order need to review, which can be modified every day

There is a little trick, for example, you may set the limit to 10, then you may write an exaggerated daily limit of 100 in your AD, and tell people there are only 10 left… it is attracting people to click, just experience it by yourself.

Next, click Create MCI

The MCI template is generated, which is about to be imported into the FLOW template on ManyChat.

Here we introduce a function of binding PAYPAL as mentioned above for rebate: after MCI is generated, how and where we can see PAYOUT with the orders for review.

Check from this place which orders are normally placed, click to rebate when it’s time to rebate.

The map on how to create MCI is as follows:

2) How to import the created MCI into ManyChat

This step is explained in detail on ZONEPAGE, in the HOW-TO interface of the template, we show the screenshots here:

In this step, you have to remember the meaning of every data, and double check the Custom Use Fields, the left side is from Zonpages, and the right is Manychat, the two sides must be exactly the same.

The MCI created has been completely imported into ManyChat. The next step is the operation in ManyChat.

4.Use of ManyChat

1) Where can the imported MCI be found?

See the picture above: Automation—Flows—ZP find, Buy and Rebate

Follow these steps, it will go to the detailed FLOW modification. According to the template, all the information in it will be replaced with our own product information.

Special attention should be paid to several areas that must be changed in accordance with regulations, and others can be modified by yourself. The following are the places that must be modified in accordance with the regulations.

2) How to modify FLOW

Generally, after finding out FLOW, it is displayed as follows:

The three places marked on the picture are the places to enter the detailed FLOW information, click to enter the editing (you can use the mouse zoom out or in)

Click any step, the following display will appear on the left, and modify the information you want in it on the left.

Each step is modified like this. Next, find out the steps that must be modified in accordance with the regulations. As shown:

It is displayed in yellow in FLOW, the long hyperlink must be modified. This is a communication channel between ZONPAGE and ManyChat. Each MCI has a different transmission hyperlink, you must find the corresponding MCI hyperlink, so that make sure the data of each order will not be wrong, and tracking can be convenient later.

3) Where to find the correct transmission channel

a) The first way:

Go back to ZONPAGE, find the MCI you just created, click HOW TO USE

Find the link below and replace the link.

b) The second way

There is a CODE in the MCI list, copy the CODE directly, and regulate the CODE part at the end of the hyperlink in FLOW

After replacing the transmission channel, it is to check whether there is any problem with the transmission data between the two platforms, this is why we would like you keep remembering the correspondence between two platforms while creating the MCI, please turn back if you don’t remember.

Generally, there is no need to modify. As long as there are no other special modifications before, some friends change the custom field to be easy to remember. At this time, you need to pay special attention.

After correcting the entire process, make sure that there are no problems, click on the preview, you can walk through the process on your own FB, make sure that there are no problems, just click to publish.

At this point, the FLOW of ManyChat has also been modified and set, and the next step is to directly enter the FB advertisement.

4) How to connect FLOW with FB ads

Go to the Growth Tools interface of ManyChat and click to create a new growth tools

Enter the name of the growth tools you can record conveniently, and select Facebook Ads JSON

Click Proceed with JSON Growth Tool as shown

Click Replace again and find the FLOW that you just corrected yourself;

Click on Next

The following code interface appears:

COPY code, save it, this code is used to access the chat robot when looking for FB ads.

The next step is the use of FB advertisements, this is another big topic what we will not tell today.

That’s all for today’s topic, hope the trick can really help someone who is fighting with Amazon reviews. The7 Electronics is professional smartphone accessories wholesale supplier in China who can provide you various smartphone related products you want, we do amazon FBA service for customers selling on Amazon, feel free to contact to us if you have any request.

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