1st Store of Huaqiang Electronics World
Huaqiang Electronics World – Shenzhen 1st Store

Huaqiang Electronics World (Chinese says in “华强电子世界”) is actually an electronic marketplace operated by Huaqiang Industry Co. LTD, it has formed a strategic partnership alliance with more than 20,000 brand manufacturers, distributors and retailers in the industry. At present, it has opened 12 large electronic professional chain stores established in Shenzhen, Jinan, Shenyang, Shanghai, Liuzhou, Shaoguan, Fuling, Huizhou, Dezhou and other key cities in China, Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronic World is one of the largest market.

Brief Introduction of Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronics World

Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronics World is located on China’s No.1 electronics street – the prosperous Huaqiangbei (aka Huaqiang North, Chinese “华强北”) commercial area in Shenzhen China. Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronics World is just across the road from SEG Electronics Market. However, the scale of Huaqiang Electronics World is even larger. Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronic World has four branches, that’s the first store, the 2nd store, the 3rd store as well as the LED trade center (in the same address of 2nd store) with a total operating area of nearly 120,000 square meters. Huaqiang Electronics World is the largest physical trading platform for electronic components and electronic terminal products in China, it provides interactive market space for suppliers and customers nationwide and overseas to engage in activities related to the sourcing of electronic components and electronic terminal products.

Similar to the SEG electronics market, product categories in Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronics World are mainly electronic components, security products, computers, communications, digital, LED products, but not too many products related to mobile phones and mobile phone accessories in the market. In Huaqiang Electronics World, you can always find the electronic products you want, whether you are wholesale or retail business, it is one of the ideal offline electronic product procurement markets.

Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronics Market currently has a total of three marketplaces and a market specializing in LED products

The first store of Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronics World is located right opposite the SEG Plaza, it occupies a total of 6 floors, the first and second floors mainly deal with electronic components and ICs, the third floor mainly deals with computers and computer accessories. The fourth floor sells second-hand laptops and accessories, you may find LCD, tablet and accessories on the 5th floor, the 6th floor is warehouse.

Huaqiang Electronic World Shenzhen Second Store is located next to the subway lines 2 and 7, it is actually next-door of 1st store. Huaqiang Electronics World Shenzhen 2nd store is in the podium of Huaqiang Plaza Building. The 2nd store has a total of 6 floors and operates different product categories, such as electronic components, brand computers, notebooks, communications, photographic equipment, etc., also operate a small number of brand mobile phones (retail).

Huaqiang Electronics World Shenzhen 3rd Store is behind 1st store, it is in the Jiahe Huaqiang Building, there are total of 6 floors, merchants here are mainly dealing with electronic components and some of them deal with electronic tools and instrument products. The 6th floor is warehouse.

Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronic World LED Store: It is also known as Huaqiang LED Trading Center or Shenzhen LED International Trade Center, the LED Store is on the 5th to 6th floor of Huaqiang Plaza, which is actually the same place as the 2nd Store. It has set up LED product exhibition and trading area, LED product technology exhibition area and e-commerce service area.

At present, LED store is the first, largest and most comprehensive LED product exhibition and trading center in mainland China. The trading center has gathered a large number of well-known enterprises in the LED industry. From the perspective of product structure, the products of the Shenzhen LED industry are very widely distributed, almost covers the major categories of products in the LED industry.

How to Get to Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronics World?

Location of Huaqiang Electronics World in Huaqiangbei
Location of Huaqiang Electronics World in Huaqiangbei Commercial Zone

Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronics World sits in a very convienient place in Huaqiangbei, where there are many bus stops and subway lines passing through, you will be very easy to arrive this place whatever you are in Shenzhen or travelling from other cities by train or flight. Actually we have written detailed travel guide how you get to SEG Electronics Market, as Huaqiang Electronics World is almost the same place as SEG Electronics Market, just have a look at the guide here to figure out how to get to Huaqiang Electronics World: How to Get to SEG Electronics Market

Anyway, taking a taxi or calling a taxi online if you have a App installed in your smartphone are very easy to get to Huaqiangbei.

Opening Hours of Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronics World

Open and Close time of 2nd Store of Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronics World
Opening Hours of 2nd Store of Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronics World

Huaqiang Electronics World Shenzhen First Store: 9:30 – 18:00
Huaqiang Electronic World Shenzhen Second Store: 9:30-20:00
Huaqiang Electronics World Shenzhen Third Store: 9:30 – 18:00
Huaqiang Electronics World Shenzhen LED Store: 9:30 – 18:00

Sourcing in Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronics World Sourcing, what can you buy?

The product categories of the entire Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronic World are mainly electronic components, communications, security, second-hand notebooks, and LED products, anyway it is not a market to find products for mobile phones and accessories. The products in Huaqiang Electronics World are uneven, although each merchant may be a ” company”, many of them are middlemen, they rely on the factory and take goods from the factory, and then sell it here fast, as Huaqiangbei is so called the “distribution center of electronic products”, so try to compare some more similar products in different merchants/shops.

If you are just starting your business in electronics industry or doing wholesale and retail business, this is a place you need to visit. Of course, there are many latest and most trendy electronic products here which may also inspire your business and enrich your product lineup. You can see the real things in the market, you may communicate face to face with the business, you can get a more reasonable price, you may also consider it is your first stop for get your niche business, and then find a better price by checking some online platforms.

Huaqiang Electronic Components and IC Trading Online Platform

Huaqiang Electronic Online B2B Platform – hqew.net

Huaqiang Electronics World is an offline electronic product trading service platform owned by Shenzhen Huaqiang Industry LTD, this is a company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. In addition, Huaqiang Industry also operates an online B2B electronic trading platform, the Hqew.net (English) and Hqew.com (Chinese), as well as a B2C online shopping mall hqbuy.com (both Chinese and English). The three websites are based on Huaqiang Electronic World, the largest offline market of electronic components in Asia under Huaqiang Industry, its online trading platform has become is the largest and most professional online electronic components vertical e-commerce. Therefore, most of the merchants selling electronic components in Huaqiang Electronics World are registered on Huaqiang Electronic Online, you may easily do a online trade by these platforms.

Introduction of Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronics World by Floor and Branch

Huaqiang Electronic World Shenzhen – First Store

Huaqiang Electronic World - 1st Store
Gate No. 2-01, Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronics World, 1st Store

The first store of Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronic World is one of the earliest shopping mall, the building is relatively old, but the location is superior with huge footfall. The first floor is mainly engaged in the business of electronic components, the product on the second floor and above varies in different categories, all types of electronics, computer products, accessories, maintenance services are available (but not mobile phone-related products), and some merchants on the second and third floors are specialized in dealing with second-hand laptops, especially the Thinkpad series, some news reported that these 2nd hand laptops are collected through some channels in the electronic waste from overseas markets, they are patched up and repaired, appearance is specially refurbished… so, quality is not stable, non-professional players are not recommended to deal with such products.

Product categories of the 1st store of Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronics World
Product categories by floor in the 1st store of Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronics World (click on image to zoom out)

1st Floor:Electronic components/Instrumentation tools/wire/switch/connector brand mobile phone (street shop);
2F: Electronic components, mobile phone components, Memory chip, Battery, power, print barcode, cash register;
3F: Computer accessories, DIY, LCD Display, Supplies/ printers security products, network equipment, software projector;
4-5F: Used notebook, desktop trading center, computer data recovery, repair LCD/electronic components.

Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronic World – Second Store

The 2nd store is located in Huaqiang Plaza. Huaqiang Plaza is a relatively new complex building in the Huaqiangbei area. Huaqiang Plaza is a large-scale comprehensive building integrating hotels, restaurants, office buildings, and business apartments. The 2nd store is located in its podium with a total of 6 floors.

1st Floor:
Zone Q: IC/Diode/Triode, Light emitting devices, electronics tools, semiconductor device, resistor, cables, PCB, switch/sockets, sensors, chip component, instruments, crystal oscillator, LED lights
Zone H: IT, Computer, Brand Mobile Phones, brand digital products, photographic equipment, audio devices
2nd Floor:
Zone Q: Electronic Components, digital products
Zone H: Healthy electronics, quality digital products, fashion electronics, IT experience hall, Remax brand product, DOSS, Transsion, oneplus mobile phone after severice center
3rd Floor: photographic devices, digital products, electronic components, mobile phone, computer/camera repair, gaming device/projector/computer DIY/office consumables

The first and second floors (Zone H) of the second store are currently mainly hypermarkets for branded laptops, there are a small number of mobile phone stores and other digital boutiques, while the first and second floors (Zone Q) are still large-scale stores for electronic components. The 3rd floor is mainly the distribution center of camera equipment and other digital products.

4th Floor:chip module solutions, intelligent voice device/smart locker/central control/security/light control/sensors, environment control, mobile/computer DIY/Office Automation/Speakers, Computer hypermarket, computer repair

The fourth floor is currently defined as the Huaqiang Smart Home International Trading Center. All kinds of smart home products such as smart locker, smart robots, smart speakers as well as many other electronics related to “smart”, products here are mainly branded products manufactured by big Chinese companies.

Huaqiang Electronics World LED store

Shenzhen LED International Trade Center
Shenzhen LED International Trade Center
5th Floor: Huaqiang LED trading center, Foor court, LED light application, LED Landscape lighting products, LED display products
6th Floor :LED factory stores, LED light products, LED landscape lighting products, LED displays, LED electronics components

The 5th-6th floor of the second store is actually the Huaqiang Electronics World LED store, it is also known as Shenzhen LED International Trade Center. There are almost all products covering from upper to downstream in LED industry. If you are LED business enterprise, here is the right place you have to spend your time.

Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronic World – 3rd Store

The 3rd store of Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronic World is located behind the first store, it is located on Zhenzhong Er Street, it is in the Jiahe Huaqiang Building, it has 5 floors, most of the businesses here are engaged in electronic components and a small number of electronic tools and instruments, nothing else you can find from here.


Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronics Market is one the largest electronic physical market in Shenzhen and China. There are large numbers of merchants in the three stores. Relying on the online electronic component trading online website, the merchants in the offline stores can always operate stable business without being affected by the e-commerce. If you are in the business of electronic components, there is a good chance that you can find a suitable partner. In addition, online transactions can save your trouble of visiting a physical store, or, you may only need to come once or twice, and then place orders online in the future.

If you are looking for other electronic products, you should also come to Huaqiangbei and have a visit in Huaqiang Electronics World, especially the 2nd store, many fresh new products made their debut here to catch your eyes and they might get you surprised… If you are doing LED business, you must go to the 5th-6th floor of 2nd store of Huaqiang Electronic World, many businessmen speak English there, you may find almost all LED-related products there, I believe there will be something you can get.

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