Sourcing in Shenzhen SEG Electronics Market
Shenzhen SEG Electronics Market: ASIA No.1 Electronics Market

SEG Plaza (the building of SEG Electronics Market) is located in Huaqiang North Road, Futian District, Shenzhen. It is known as the “diamond treasure” sitting at the intersection of Shennan Ave. and Huaqiang North Road (aka Huaqiangbei Rd.), SEG Plaza is the world’s tallest concrete-filled steel tube structure with an area of 9653 m2. The construction area is 169833.8 m2, and the height of the main building is 291.6m constituting the total spire height of 355.8m. The construction of the SEG Plaza was started in 1997, completed in September 1999. During the construction period, the building has set the fastest time record by building a single floor every 2.7 days in Shenzhen. The tower adopts a square-cut octagonal plane of 43.2m×43.2m, which is the first super high-rise building with a concrete-filled steel tube structure in China.

Why source at shenzhen SEG Electronics Market?

For sure, e-commerce is so popular in the world nowadays, SEG Electronics Market, which operates as a physical market, has also been greatly affected. The people all over the world can easily find the product from the famous Chinese wholesale online websites such as Alibaba.com, Amazon is also quite popular in the world, people can buy all kinds of products easily online. However, as a business man, especially in the electronic industry, you still should have a visit to the SEG market if you’re visiting Shenzhen.

Shehnzhen SEG Electronics Market Glance (6-10th Floor)

Technologies change quickly and the updating for electronic products become so fast. Except for participating in some exhibitions, you can come to Huaqiangbei to visit SEG market to find undiscovered.

SEG Electronics Market is one of the many electronics markets in Huaqiangbei Commercial Zone, and one of the most well-known electronic product wholesale and retail comprehensive market in Huaqiangbei or Shenzhen. SEG Electronics Market has a total operating area of nearly 56,000 square meters with more than 3,000 shops, there are 15,000 employees in the market. After more than 10 years of operation, SEG electronic market is also constantly updating the format of the business. It has always been the most beloved market in Shenzhen, China, and for the international customers who do business with Shenzhen. The 10 floors in the market cover almost all products related to electronics and computers, whether you are wholesale or retail, you can definitely find what you want there.

SEG Electronics Market and other electronics markets in Huaqiangbei have always been the house to Chinese electronic products. The latest products, ideas always debut here for the first time, you can find the latest products which are even not present on Alibaba.

  1. The physical store can be seen and touched, face-to-face communication is more reliable than the virtual world on the Internet, who knows what is behind the virtual world?
  2. Many merchants in SEG market or Huaqiangbei here are backed by factories. They have their own factory or manufacturer base around Shenzhen, and you can complete the docking with the factory in one stop.
  3. It can trigger inspiration for your business, and updates you the latest trends at the first place, helps you to find your new niche; you can do spot trade here.

SEG Plaza & SEG Electronics Market Introduction

The SEG Plaza is located inside the Huangiangbei commercial zone which is a well-known area and business district constituting Shenzhen’s high-tech enterprises. Commercial outlets are spread all over the place with an average daily footfall of more than 500,000 people. Four different subway lines offer convenient and seamless transportation. The flow of people, logistics, capital, and information has created a strong market atmosphere in SEG Plaza. The first ten floors of the podium of SEG Plaza are the largest electronic markets in Asia, multiple MNCs (Multi National Companies) are present in SEG Electronics Market including IBM, COMPAQ, EPSON, ACER, NEC, PHILIPS, Lenovo and other well-known Chinese enterprises. The trade volume created by the ten-year development of the SEG electronic market is nearly 50 billion yuan. It gathers all world-famous brands of electronic components, computer complete sets and accessories, and electronic products such as telecommunications, home appliances, and video halls. It is a collection of international famous electronic products, and can be said as “Window of the World Electronics” and “Non-closing Exhibition of High-tech Products.”

SEG Plaza Floor Layout

The SEG Plaza Building has a total of 76 floors, including 4 basements, 72 floors above the ground, and 1st to 10th floors is the skirt building of SEG Plaza, this is also where the SEG Electronics Market located. The upper 62 floors are office, hotel, and sightseeing floors. There is a helipad on floor 72 (Note 1). The attractive and much-talked SEG Electronics Market is the skirt-building, i.e the 1-10th floor of the ground. SEG Electronics market is classified by layers from 1st to 10th floor with different category of electronics in each floor, and there are many stores on the each floor selling wide range of products.

Floor Layout:

72 Helipad
71 device floor
70 device floor
69 Tourist Floor
67-68 hotel rooms (including shared space)
66 shared spaces (including some warehouses)
65 Hotel lobby, bar, business center
64 hotel supporting facilities (including hotel office, swimming pool, fitness, wellness center)
63 Refuge Floor and Equipment Room
62 Club
61 Club
50-60 hotel rooms
49 Refuge Floor
14-48 Advanced Intelligent Office Building
34 Refuge Floor
19 Refuge Floor
11-12 Warehouse storage

1-10th: SEG Electronic Market

1 Bank Business Center
B1-B4 underground parking

How to Get to SEG Electronics Market?

SEG Plaza is located in the most prosperous Huaqiangbei pedestrian street in Shenzhen. The approach via subway or public bus is very convenient throughout the city or from other places. After 3 years of subway construction and closure of Huaqiang North Road, the traffic advantages have further emerged, a total of 4 subway lines is passing through Huaqiangbei area.

Get to SEG electronics market by subway

Shenzhen Metro System (2020), Click to zoom out

(Here goes the latest HD Shenzhen Metro System Map, feel free to download it here.)

The 3 subway lines closest to SEG Plaza are Shenzhen subway Line 1, Lines 2 and 7: You may get off at Huaqianglu (aka Huaqiang Road,Chinese “华强路”) Station and exit via Exit A if you take Shenzhen Subway Line 1, SEG Plaza is right outside Exit A.

If you take Subway Line 2/7, then you may get off at Huaqiangbei (aka Huaqiang North, Chinese “华强北”) Station, and get out from Exit D1 or D2 of Subway Line 7 (Subway Line 2 and 7 are interchange stations, so whatever you come by Line 2 or Line 7, you may still get out from Line 7).

You may easily arrive the SEG Electronics Market by walking 100m southward.

how to get to SEG Electronics Market
Position of SEG Electronics Market

Get to SEG electronics market by Bus

Huaqiangbei is a commercial center in Shenzhen. There are many bus routes around Huaqiangbei area. However, Huaqiangbei Road is a pedestrian street and motor vehicles are unable to pass through. All bus lines pass through Shennan Avenue next to SEG Plaza, the bus stops nearby SEG Plaza are:

SEG PLAZA Stop: No. m133, m191, m193

Shanghai Hotel East Stop: No. 4, 101, 216, 385, m106, m132, m137, m192, Express 60

Huaqiang Road Metro-Bus interchange Stop: No. 391

If you take the bus line and get off at the south side of Shennan Avenue, you need to go through an underground passage to get to SEG Plaza. You can see SEG Plaza after passing through the underground passage.

Get to SEG Electronics Market from Airport

From Hualian Mansion to SEG Electronics Market
How to get to SEG market travelling by Shuttle BUS No. 330

You may take Shenzhen Airport Shuttle Bus No. 330 to get to SEG Plaza, destination of shuttle bus No. 330 is Hualian Mansion, it takes around 40mins to arrive to Hualian Mansion. Then you will need to travel on foot to arrive at SEG electronics markets by just walking 750 meters west along Shennan Avenue or just take a taxi there if you are catching time.

Get to SEG Electronics Market from other cities

If you arrive in Shenzhen from other cities, for example, you come from Guangzhou or Hongkong, you would arrive by train, here is the guide to tell you how to get to SEG Electronics Market easily after you get off train.

Luohu Railway Station (Chinese “罗湖火车站”)

If you arrive in Luohu Railway Station, then Shenzhen Subway Line 1 is a good way to get to SEG Plaza. You need to drop off at Huagianglu (aka Huaqiang Road, Chinese “华强路”) station, then take Exit A to get out of subway. It takes around 22mins to arrive.

Shenzhen North Railway Station (Chinese “深圳北站”)

Shenzhen North (aka Shenzhenbei) Railway Station is a high-speed railway station connected with Subway Line 4. You will need to transfer to Subway Line 1 at Convention & Exhibition Center (Chinese “会展中心”)Station and get off at Huangianglu (aka Huaqiang North, Chinese “华强路”) Station if you come by metro, then take Exit A to get out of subway. It take you around 30 mins to arrive the SEG Market.

Futian Railway Station (Chinese “福田火车站”)

Futian Railway Station is an underground high-speed railway station, you might get off here if you come from Hongkong or Guangzhou. There are several subway lines passing through this station, you may choose Subway Line 1 at Convention & Exhibition Center and get off at Huagianglu (aka Huaqiang Road, Chinese “华强路”) station, then take Exit A to get out of subway. It take you around 5 mins to arrive the SEG Market.

Huanggang Check Point (Chinese “皇岗口岸”)

If you travel from Hongkong to Shenzhen, you might get arrived at Huanggang Checkpoint, Shenzhen Subway Line 7 available for you to easily get to SEG Electronics Market. Take subway at Tai’an (太安)-direction and get off at Huaqiangbei (Huaqiang North, Chinese “华强北”) Station, take Exit D1 or D2, SEG Plaza is right 100meter southward of the Exit. It will take you around 8 mins in the journey.

Futian Check Point (Chinese “福田口岸”)

You might also get arrived at Shenzhen via Futian Checkpoint if you travel from Hongkong. Shenzhen Subway Line 4 is available at Futian Checkpoint, and you have to transfer at Fumin Station and then take Subway Line 7 towards Tai’an (太安)-direction and get off at Huaqiangbei (Huaqiang North, Chinese “华强北”) Station, then, take Exit D1 or D2, and SEG Plaza is right 100meter southward of the Exit. It takes you around 22mins to arrive the destination.

Anyway, you may take a taxi to SEG Electronics Market from anywhere in Shenzhen.

Standard Address of SEG Plaza:

No. 1002 Huaqiang North Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, 518031

SEG Electronics Market service hours

Open Time: 9:30 AM
Close Time: 6:30 PM

However, according to the on-site security, the opening time of merchants in the market would be later than the opening time of the market, the same thing might happen in close (for closing) time. It is recommended to go after 10 a.m. local time.

What can you source at SEG Electronics Market?

A wide range of electronics products

The SEG electronics market has a comprehensive format, products cover various categories and hundreds of thousands of electronic items such as electronic components, computer sets, accessories, and computer peripheral products. Among them, merchants in the first and second floors mainly deal with electronic components; the fourth floor are IT boutique, specializing in branded electronic products; the third, fifth and sixth floors mainly deal with computer DIY and computer peripherals and consumables; 7, 8, 9 10th floor mainly deals in computer software, communication, network, security, audiovisual and other products;

SEG Electronics Market - No.1 Gate
No.1 gate of SEG Electronics Market, product category for each floor are listed on the plate at the right site of the gate

Product category introduction by floor

SEG Electronics Market Glance (1-6th Floor)

1st – 2nd Floor: The first and second floor are mainly engaged in electronic components, you may not find any finished products here. Instead, it is the paradise if you are looking for any electronics components such as capacitors, resistors, chips, cables, connectors, screws, etc.

SEG ELectronics Market product lineup:1st-2nd floor
L1: Electronic components, instruments, connectors, tools, batteries power, LCD device, hardware accessories, data line(cable), LED, packaging (materials);
L2: Electronic components, instruments, connectors, tools, LED, Mini Projector, bar code series, interphone, batteries, power, Bahar enclosure, data line, , security/ access control, UAV, digital products

3rd Floor: On the third floor, you can get various digital products, but mainly related to computer products such as network communication products, security, car navigation, office equipment, etc.

SEG ELectronics Market product lineup: 3rd floor
L3: Digital products, network communication, bar code series, vehicle navigation, checkout system, monitoring security product, access control attendance, office equipment, printer consumable, mini projector, UPS power, Xiaomi & 360 (products).

4th Floor: The fourth floor mainly deals in branded computers or computer accessories, here you can buy all computer-related products or accessories.

SEG ELectronics Market product category: 4th floor
L4: Brand computer, notebook, DIY, tablet PC, electronic components, all-in-one PC, computer accessories, server, gaming products, MINING (bitcoin generator), digital product, office equipment, printer, consumable, data line, computer maintenance, data recovery, network products, projector, bar code, and storage device.

5th-6th floors: These two floors are mainly dominated by computer accessories, hard disks, video cards, network cards, network equipment, all-in-ones, software, and currently popular mining machines (Bitcoin generator), etc.

SEG Electronics Market product category: 5th-6th floor
L5 – L6: CPU, motherboard & graphics card, Memory& hard disk, displays, software, computer case & power supply, (computer) DIY, computer maintenance, data recovery, server, network products, data line, office consumables, all-in-one, PC, MINING (such as bitcoin generator), industrial control equipment, bar code product, storage device, digital product, and electronic components.

7th – 10th floor: The 7th-10th floor also operates computer accessories and expands products related to car accessories, games, and a small number of mobile phone accessories.

SEG Electronics Market product category: 7th-10th floor
L7 – L10: Computer/mobile phone accessories wholesale, power bank, radiator, power adapter, network device, car product,, data cable, HD player, keyboard & mouse, gaming device, hard disk cartridge, card reader, bluetooth speaker, electronics gifts, computer bags, DIY & software, logistic & warehouse, e-cigarettes,convertors, electronics components, audio & video equipments, charger, protector films

In general, the product lines of SEG Electronics Market are all related to computer (except 1-2 floor). If you need to find products related to mobile phones, don’t waste your time here, please move to other electronic markets. If your business is related to computer or accessories, then SEG Electronics Market is a place you must visit. The top floors of the SEG electronics market, such as the 6-10th floors, they are relatively larger wholesale, factory-type merchants or companies. If you already have your own business scope, then you can go directly to these floors to find the corresponding niche.

There is huge footfall everyday in the SEG electronic market, merchants here are usually very shrewd, they often deal with foreigners, many of them speak some simple English, they also know how to do business with foreigners, but you have to pay attention to their price. They can accurately judge whether you are a novice or a veteran, and whether you are a businessman in this field, although not every merchant doing like this, so we suggest you to compare the same products with several more merchants, don’t try to stick on only one shop, and don’t always choose the cheapest one, the after sale service is also important, and finding someone you can trust can save a lot of time and troubles.

Hope you enjoy your journey and find your products successfully in China.

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