Shenzhen SEG Communication Market (or SEGCOM Market), located in Huaqiangbei Commercial Area, is another large-scale comprehensive market for electronic products operated by SEG Group. SEG Communication Market is close to SEG Electronics Market, but unlike SEG Electronics Market, SEG Communication Market is mainly engaged in Communication equipment (Telecom) and its supporting products, such as mobile phone digital products, mobile phone accessories (but not mobile phone parts), tablets accessories, wearables accessories. There are huge numbers of various mobile phone accessory products here, it is enough to surprise you, we are sure you can find almost all mobile phone related products here in only one market.

SEG Communication Market is the largest wholesale market for communication products in Shenzhen. SEG Communication Market occupies the podiums of four buildings next to SEG Plaza: Baohua Mansion, SEG Arts Crafts Emporium (or SEG Industry Mansion), SEG Kangle Mansion and SEG Economic Mansion, the podiums of these four buildings are all stores of the SEG communication market, and the four buildings are inter-connected (interconnected on the 2nd or 3rd floor), forming a large, overall hypermarket with one-stop procurement. The product line here is very rich, most of the stores operate wholesale business, many stores are factory-operated stores, products in each store is quite unique, the prices are affordable and competitive, this is a must-visit marketplace for purchasing or sourcing mobile phone accessories or smartphone digital products.

A glance of SEG Communication Market

How to arrive to SEG Communication Market?

SEG Communication Market is close to SEG Plaza (SEG Electronics Market). Both are operated by SEG Group and are on the same street (Huaqiangbei Road). When you reach SEG Plaza, you reach SEG Communication Market, there is even a channel connected to the SEG communication market (Baohua Mansion Store) in SEG Electronics Market, you can visit the entire SEG market without leaving the building.

Wherever you are coming from, it is quite easy to get to SEG Communication Market, many buses, subway lines are passing through this place, especially subways, it passes through all important traffic nodes, we suggest you take subway Line 7 or Line 2 and get off at the Huaqiangbei Station, you will find the market in front of you after you get out of the station. You may also take a taxi from any place in Shenzhen, it won’t take too much time or money.

We have very detailed introduction to tell you how to arrive SEG Electronics Market, take a look here: How to Get to SEG Electronics Market

Opening Time of Shenzhen SEG Communication Market

9:30AM to 18:30PM

However, according to confirmation with security personnel, the real closing time of the SEG communication market is 19:00-20:00, anyway it is the time of the merchants in the market arranging packaging and delivery from 18:30 to 20:00, so it is recommended you make your plan to leave the market before 18:30.

What are the main products in SEG communication market?

As we mentioned above, the SEG communication market is a market place for communication products. Although the main products are electronic products, the two electronic markets owned by SEG Group are clearly different, the SEG Communication Market deals with products related to communication equipment, such as mobile phones, if you are looking for products related to computer, please spend more time looking for products related to computers in the SEG electronics market or Huaqiang Electronics World.

The picture above is the floor classification of SEG communication market Baohua Building store. We can see that the main product lines are smartphone accessories, such as mobile phone cases, screen protective films, data cables, chargers, and memory cards; in addition, there are smart digital products, such as wearable products, Bluetooth speakers, sweeping robots, headphones, tablet, stereo, etc.

At present, the hottest in the market are mobile phone related accessories, such as mobile phone cases, mobile phone data cables, mobile phone protective films, power banks, data storage cards, iPhone-related products, etc., which also represents the current trend of communication electronic industry. Some merchants also operate business with smart wearables, Bluetooth headsets, mobile phone stands, intercom equipment, and security equipment. In general, if you are operating or looking for smartphone-related accessories, then this is the best place for you.

Merchants in SEG Communication Market are mainly engaged in wholesale business, especially the stores on the second floor or upstairs. Many merchants in the market speak English, so you will see international buyers purchase here. The SEG communication market is huge, if you are just buying products for your personal purpose, it is enough to stroll around the first floor of each building.

Introduction of SEG Communication Market by Floor

Shenzhen SEG Communication Market has a large operating area. The podiums of the four buildings are currently operated by the SEG Communication Market: Baohua Mansion, SEG Arts Crafts Emporium (or Industry Mansion), SEG Kangle Mansion and SEG Economic Mansion. there are special passages connecting to each other. For example, there is a channel on the second floor of SEG Electronics Market connected to the Baohua Building (where it is SEG Communication Market Baohua Building store), Baohua Building is also connected to the SEG Kangle Building, and Kangle Building is connected to the Industrial Building and the Economic Building in 2nd or 3rd floor, forming a super large market.

Channel between SEG Electronics Market and SEG Communication Market at the 2nd floor

1st floor of Baohua Building

Merchants in the first floor of Baohua Building mainly sell electronic products, such as brand stores of electronic products, mobile phone-related products, power bank, data cards, headphones, etc, it varies as the industry changes by just following the trend. The merchants on the first floor of Baohua Building have a certain operating history or stable customer resources, they are relatively stable, the shop scale is bigger than many small stalls upstairs.

1st floor of SEG Kangle Building, Arts Craft Building (Industry Building) and Economic Building

Most of stalls in the 1st floor of SEGCOM sell cats-and-dogs.

The first floor of SEG Kangle Mansion, Arts Craft Emporium(Industrial Mansion) and Economic Mansion are mainly formed by all kinds of small stalls, each stalls have a variety of categories, such as mobile phone data cards, data cables, telephones, walkie-talkies, Bluetooth devices, U disks and other electronic products. Many stalls are grocery stores, they are keep their product lines up-to-date according to trend. The business in the first floor is mainly aimed at individual consumers, mainly retail, if you just want to buy a favorite product for your personal use or a gift for your friend, it is enough to walk around the first floor of these buildings, no need to spend time upstairs.

2nd and 3rd floor of SEG Kangle Mansion, Industrial Mansion and Economic Mansion; The 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor of Baohua Mansion

These buildings are interconnected on the second or third floor and are seamlessly connected, to form a whole, big market. If you go to the second or third floor, you can see that the business form here is not the same as the first floor, the stalls/shops here are relatively larger than the stalls in the first floor, these stalls on the 2nd or 3rd floor are also like a big puzzle, you’ll feel like wander through the labyrinth of the alleyways, it is very easy to lose you way there 😊.

The products operated by each stall/merchant are relatively specific, it is no more a grocery store here, every merchants or shop has its own subjects, it is very suitable for wholesale procurement. This is also the distribution center for Chinese and international merchants purchasing mobile phone accessories, if you are also operating such products, then you have to spend more time here to find out.

Baohua Mansion has been re-planned for the second, third, and fourth, the business format has also changed with the changes of times and technology. The computers and accessories that have been sold before have now been switched to mobile phone related products. The most common product seen in the market is the mobile phone case – many merchants are operating various kinds of mobile phone cases for different phone models. Of course, there are countless other mobile phone related products, such as mobile phone data cables, protective films, charging equipment, memory cards, etc., the whole market is formed by many small stalls/shops, each small shop has its own product characteristics and style, each shop forms a dazzling product line here.

Tips of sourcing in Shenzhen SEG communication Market

According to our field visits and experience, the key products in Shenzhen SEG Communication Market are mobile phone accessories. We can see a large number of mobile phone accessories products in the market such as mobile phone cases, protective films, cables, etc., which also represents the current trend of Telecom electronic industry. Mobile phone has gradually replaced parts of computer functions, the use frequency of mobile phones is higher than that of computers now, therefore, mobile phone-related products are popular and hot-selling, which is why the SEG communication market occupies a large area, and a large number of stalls are operating mobile phone-related product lines.

The second, third, and fourth floors of SEG Communication Market are basically wholesale. Many stalls claim they are factory stores, however, according to our experience, the so-called factory stores are not REALLY truth, most of them are wholesaler or agent that connects with the factory directly. You have to know, regular, medium and large factories do not have the energy or no need to open a stall here, they generally operate online businesses at 1688.com or alibaba.com.

Of course, there are some factory stores in SEG communication market, when you come here to investigate the market, please pay more attention to some medium and large shops (larger stalls), they are all old merchants here, they established their own factories after they grew up, or some small -sized factories and enterprises have opened stores here in order to find new marketing channels.
It varies regarding the quality and price of each product, since you come here, please keep opening your eyes and observe, when you have your target products, please shop around, there are many similar products covering by multiple stalls, comparing price before you decide to purchase. Finally, we hope you can enjoy purchasing there and find your ideal supplier successfully. Of course, The7 Electronics is a professional wholesale supplier in smartphone accessories filed in China, feel free to contact to us if you have any questions or sourcing request.

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