Across the going time, we have seen many changes when it comes to mobile phones. Earlier it was simple quart keypad mobile, and now we are using touchpad mobiles. Many things got changed from technology to its design. On the other hand, people are also getting more aware of the accessories they use for their gadgets.

Polypropylene (or PP) is an excellent resin property that was developed after Nylon. Because of its semi-crystalline property, it has high density, flexibility and is non-toxic. Polypropylene is a kind of hard plastic, it does not emit poisonous substances even poured into the boiling liquid. PP plastic is equally used in making tiffin boxes in some countries. Polypropylene is much easier to twist, and that is why it first appeared as electronic product accessories in mobile phone screen protectors.

Polypropylene is also used in making mobile phone cases. Phone cases made out of PP plastic got a smoother shape, nice quality, and reasonable price. However, deformation may occur over time, the result is that protection is not so strong. If your phone accidentally falls to the ground, it may happen that the mobile phone is deformed while the phone case is still in good condition, in these scenarios, the phone case looks good but tasteless.

Phone case made up of PP plastic has also a beautiful history, its more prominent feature is that it can be made into a mobile phone case with a very thin structure. There are still some phone case brands focusing on thin and light mobile phone cases on the market that are made of PP, such as Totallee, and the popular Ozaki O!Coat in the past. These mobile phone cases are made of PP, and the thickness of the phone case can be as thin as 0.3mm.

Ozaki O!Coat Phone Case for iPhone
Phone Case Made up of Polypropylene - Totallee
Totallee Ultra Thin Phone Case Made Up of PP Plastic

In the Chinese market, some earliest Japanese brands of PP mobile phone cases can achieve a thickness of 0.4mm (should also be a Chinese manufacturer’s OEM). Chinese factories saw business opportunities and technology flow out, and then they exported them all over the world. But now is different from the past, at the moment when the large screens of smartphones are in power, a major requirement of consumers buying mobile phone cases is to protect their phones.

Phone cases made out of PP material provide a number of advantages as they are thin and lightweight, the way everything got some advantages and some disadvantages, in the same manner, these phone cases also got penalties, the polypropylene has a brittle property because of which it can be broken easily after any incident. Inclusion to this the same like PC material the PP surface is vulnerable to scratches. The other problem being is that the PP surface is not suitable for processing (such as painting beautiful patterns). In the earlier stage, the PP phone cases did not have many color options like the PC material mobile cases. And by the time when better material appeared in the market, the market shifted from PP to other materials. Hence the PP phone cases got almost disappeared from the market.

Advantages and disadvantages of PP mobile phone case:


  1. The best part of the PP phone cases is that they cost less as the technology involved in the production process is not high.
  2. PP phone cases are light weight and can be very thin hence users can get relative good hand feel after phone cases is put on.
  3. They are environment friendly as they are non-toxic, and they got heat resistant properties too.
  4. Phone cases made out of PP material resist oil stains.


  1. These phone cases are difficult to fit the phone tightly.
  2. The product gets quickly deformed and aging.
  3. It’s pretty fragile, it is not impact-resistant, therefore it can’t protect the phones completely.


In terms of cost, the product is being made at 1.5mm thick. The price to the ratio of 0.4mm PP material mobile cover is much lower. People in the same industry can understand this difference. But an average individual using this cover won’t understand the art of making a product produced at the limit of 0.3mm and 04.mm, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Many small factories thought of making this product, but they could not do so as they have the equipment but not the technology.

Many people regard pp ultra-thin mobile phone cases as being low-cost and low-quality products, in terms of cost, the current situation is that a TPU phone case with a thickness of 1.5mm is much lower than a 0.4mm PP mobile phone case. Sometimes only those in the industry understand that a product produced with such a craftsmanship limit of 0.3mm or 0.4mm is actually a work of art. Small factories can’t make it at all as there is equipment but no technology, and factories with technology that can make such thin mobile phone cases, but because they are regarded as cheap products by consumers, they have no sales. Therefore, phone cases made up of polypropylene are destined to become history.