A good sourcingng agent would be a great contributor to your business success. Looking for a good buying client in China may prove to be challenging. Confidentiality matters a lot when working with an agent, The level of inconveniences caused by buying agents make it hard for clients to get what they want in time.

The quality of the products sent to you from China may not meet the required standards. In some situations, you may get quality goods but lack the necessary certificate. The certificate would assist you in clearing your products. A good buying agent in China will guarantee the best services with limited hitches. So, how can one find a trusted buying agent in China?


To safeguard the whole process of buying goods from China, the character of the buying agent matters. A good agent should have outstanding qualities. Some of the agent’s qualities to look out for include:

  1. Trustworthy.

The buying agent should be a trusted person or company. You may carry out your research to know if the party can be trusted. You can pull off from the deal if there are red flags.

2. Excellent communication and listening skills.

The whole process is guided by communication. If the buying agent has poor communication capabilities, it would be hard for you to get the goods on time. If they are a poor listener, they may compromise the whole process.

3. Market Knowledge.

A good buying agent should be having sufficient knowledge of the Chinese market. This shows you that they can deliver quality services. It proves that the services will be offered with limited hitches.

4. Resourceful.

You have to inquire more about the buying agent to know how resourceful they can be. This would mean knowing their networks and their portfolio.

5. Experienced.

The buying agent should be experienced to ensure that you get the best services. Experience guarantees the agent knows the technicalities experienced in the buying process.


– Market Access. The buying agent should be a resourceful person. This would guarantee that you get reliable information on the services you need. Market access ensures they have authentic channels which they can get the goods.

– Contract. The worst mistake a buyer can do is working on a verbal agreement. The best way to work with your buying agent is through a signed contract. It would be hard for the buying agent to violate the agreement.

– Experience. Hiring an expert in the field would matter a lot. Different products are sourced from China. You should look for a buying agent who is conversant with the services you need. A competent buying agent should be able to guide you through the whole process. It would also be easier for you to negotiate on the prices of the product.

– Hidden commissions. Some buying agents would collude with suppliers to get commissions. This would mean that the buyer would not get the best price. The buying agent would work to ensure the supplier gets a better profit at the expense of the buyer. The hidden commissions should be stated on the contract. You can also contact the supplier to know if there are any hidden commissions in the buying process.

– Shipping Procedures. The agent should have appropriate information on the shipping procedures. It will ensure that you get all the necessary documents you need. You should adhere to the Chinese duty rules when importing goods to your location. The charges should be standard and realistic.

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