People use different cover cases of other materials like rubber, metal, and plastic. The primary thing they find is durability and protection, which they can get through TPU and silicone cases that are also affordable.

People pay out a sizeable amount of money to buy smartphones with extraordinary features. These lavish devices need to be protected from any damage like accidental drops and scratches. A good mobile phone case will protect the phone from scratches or absorb impacts when dropped by covering the phone’s corners, edges, and back area. While out there, many manufacturers sell mobile phone cases made of different variety of materials, many favor TPU and silicone cases. Read along to know about what these are made of and their trustworthiness.

What is a TPU mobile case?

Thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU is a thermoplastic elastomer material made of repeating chains of the block copolymer. The TPU mobile phone case is mainly made of plastic, elastic, and rubber. This material has properties like elasticity, transparency, resistance to oil, grease, and abrasion. The material has high elasticity; thus, it imparts absorption of shocks naturally. Abrasion resistance TPU cases can maintain appearances and physical integrity against scratches or scrapes. Besides, TPU has rigid composition, which makes breakage hard. In addition, it has a significant heat resistance that makes it less prone to melting when exposed to heat sources.

Why is TPU considered ideal for phone cases?

As mentioned above, these fantastic properties make the TPU cases amazingly dependable. Let us understand in detail why they are considered good:

  • The TPU phone cases are made of hard plastic and are unbreakable; thus, they protect the phone edges and other covered parts.
  • TPU material has a high-strength composition, which makes it hard to break under normal circumstances.
  • They shield the large section of the phone that means buttons also.
  • They provide outstanding handgrip irrespective of handling. Hence, even if you hold the phone covered with this case firmly or harshly, the issue never loses its grip.
  • The material is biodegradable, thereby making it eco-friendly.
  • Sharp objects do not easily damage them.
  • TPU is a better conductor of heat, so it does not store heat in mobile cases. Hence, the phone is safe inside this case.
  • You can get or customize TPU cases in a variety of styles, patterns, and colors.
  • They are compatible with wireless charging.

However, there are some downsides to TPU cases, which are:

  • They add additional weight to the phone because made up of thick material.
  • They are a bit highly priced as compared to other material phone cases.
  • TPU cases, significantly cheaper ones, can turn yellow if exposed to extreme sunrays or hear sources.
  • TPU polymers are toxic for humans and other living beings only when separated.
  • They are slightly less durable when compared to silicone cases.

Accidentally dropping a phone is dreadful without the proper protection. Hence, TPU has been tested repeatedly concerning how it handles drops and impacts. It has perpetually held out against the most arduous drop test for mobile phone covers and demonstrated itself a praise-worthy material proficient at safeguarding the devices.

What is a silicone phone case?

Silicone is a polymer consisting of repeating elements of silicon. Silicone phone cases are made from inorganic silicon, where silicone is a soft and rubbery material. In addition, it is made from thin material that shapes the phone body perfectly. It has excellent properties like heat resistance, thermal and electrical insulators. They are readily accessible in the market and are amongst the highest selling mobile phone cases.

Why are silicone cases better?

  • Silicone phone cases protect the phone and are flexible.
  • Silicone is a soft material; hence it makes pressing of buttons covered easier.
  • They are available in different types and grades of quality. 
  • Silicone cases are offered in various shapes, colors, and sizes to match each model. Customers can propose their designs for silicon cases. Also, finest silicone cases come with lining inside to make specific supreme match and shielding.
  • The silicone phone cases cover up the phone firmly, with molding properties, ensuring a seamless place between the silicone cover and the main buttons of the phone. Hence, this fit ensures that over time and use, the case does not come loose.
  • It has water-resistant and somewhat shock-absorbing properties. Thus, it fully protects the phone.
  • Silicone phone cases are washable and durable. Durability defines the resistance shown by the mobile phone case against wear and tear. The silicone phone cases are more durable as compared to thermoplastic polyurethane cases. They are fire-resistant as well. Hence, the elastic properties of the phone case contribute a lot towards durability. 
  • The silicone phone cases are minimal; thereby making the phone appears unbulky.
  • They are cheaper and are reasonably priced when compared to other plastic cases. In addition, depending on the quality, design, and density, the covers come in a wide variety.

However, there are some disadvantages of using silicone cases, which are:

  • Although good at protection from abrasion and scratches, the device’s inability to protect during falls makes it less trustworthy.
  • Silicone phone cases perform poorly at high temperatures, and the consistent friction wears them out, making cases gooey and sticky, primarily if used for a long time.
  • They are bad conductors of heat, and they store heat in them, hence can affect phones.
  • The silicone cases carry dirt particles due to static electricity.

Nevertheless, silicone phone cases are generally durable and resistant to tearing and other similar damages. Customers can easily wash the silicone cover, thus, protects from bacteria. Besides, they are soft and resilient. All such factors make them honestly beneficial for the long term.

As there are assets and liabilities to both TPU and silicone phone cases, reliability depends on various factors. The significant differences between these two cases are that TPU has better material quality. It is also hard, environment friendly, and offers a firm grip. In comparison, the silicone case is soft, thin, and flexible.

In the end, if the cover is of silicone and TPU, they will give the best protection to your phone. The cases can cost a little higher, but in the long run, they are worth it and give peace of mind. In comparison to other phone case products, these two are widely used as they provide excellent protection.

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