Amazon review on products is a very important way to decide your product ranking, to get Amazon review, many Amazon sellers are trying all kinds of ways, but it is always a challenge for more and more Amazon sellers.

Today I am bring you a another way to increase your chance for getting more reviews from Amazon buyers, this is also done from my Amazon FBA sellers, after his approve, I now share the method to all other Amazon FBA sellers here, this is a method that gets 100% open rates by Every Amazon Buyer in the United States! That’s the Postcard!

A postcard is a rectangular mailer sent without an envelope. Sending a postcard is an extremely affordable way to communicate when you’re using the U.S Postal Service—regular postcards cost very little to mail!

Why postcards work for getting more reviews from your Amazon buyers?
Here is the explaination from our customer (Amazon seller):

  1. 60% of Amazon customers opt out of review email follow-ups
  2. 100% open rate because comes in U.S. mail NOT inside an envelope
  3. Postcard response rates are 10-30% higher than social media
  4. Less cluttered: a few pieces of mail a day vs. 1000’s of online ads
  5. Often cheaper than social media clicks, rebate costs or discounts.
  6. Blackhat methods of merging listings and using Zombie listings are short lived
  7. 95% of people have a positive response to receiving personal cards in the mail
  8. Most don’t read package inserts and only 40-60% can be added to Facebook Audiences
  9. Reach ALL of your customers and control who sees your message exactly when
  10. Can get 5%+ REAL review response rates within 1-2 weeks after receive product
  11. If you add a coupon, less likely to discard a tangible item (the card) increasing conversion

To carry out the way of sending postcard to your Amazon client, there’s still some tips that need to pay attention, try the following tips to increase the open rate or chances that buyer sending reviews to your products:

  1. Also great for launches and before Lightning Deals & Prime Day
  2. When designing your card answer, “what’s in it for me?”
  3. Make your design colorful and eye catching but not too busy
  4. Make an offer they can’t refuse (free gift, huge prize contest)
  5. Send on their birthday, child’s birthday or holidays with coupon or offer for free gift
  6. Use this link amazon.com/ryp on your postcard to quickly take them to reviews page
  7. Use QR codes and call to action URLs

So are you going to use the way to get more reviews? And you may think how I send so many postcards everyday and how to manage the mail delivery?

Don’t worry, actually there are so many companies who will work for you, when you try to search “postcard” on google, many companies popped up to show you they can do it for you in automatic way, for example, the Postalytics (you may search this company online, I just don’t want to advertise) is right a company who can send postcard for you in automatic way, when someone orders on Amazon, a postcard is automatically sent, if so, you actually don’t have any extra work to do on postcard. They can also allow you to make your own postcard with your won information on the postcard.

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