Founded in 2015, The7 Electronics is a technology-based enterprise specializing in smartphone accessories supplies. Our company is located in Shenzhen, the technology capital of China.

Since day one, we’ve spearheaded the smartphone electronics revolution. Nothing’s changed. The7 Electronics’ mission has been to provide the finest customer experience in Smartphone Electronics Industry. We continue to set the industry standard for knowledge and professionalism, educate our customers, and maintain the highest levels of customer service, quality, and value. The7 Electronics’s engineering group has dedicated itself to providing the most reliable solutions at a fair price to the consumer.

We are pleased The7 Electronics’ product has been well accepted by many international companies from South America, North America, Asia and Europe, anyway, we are very careful not to grow too big, too fast. We’ve made plenty of mistakes along the road but we always learn from them so that we propel forward. We always take responsibility for any errors on our part and do everything we need to do in order to make our customer happy. During our meetings, you will hear us say “Make a Customer” often. We avoid saying “make a sale” and we constantly coach our staff to focus on the customer and forget about the sale. If customers are happy, sales will come.


The7 Electronics is still a young company. We’ve created a team environment over the years where all thoughts & opinions are openly encouraged. A successful business can only grow when everyone has the opportunity to be heard and collectively work together for the best interest of the company.

Our founder Ms. Hu was a senior designer in electronics industry, she is also a travel enthusiast, she likes to get inspiration from travel; Our co-founder James was once a senior engineer in vehicle industry, he is also an off-road enthusiast, he used to make all kinds of vehicle modifications, Mr. James is also one of the co-founder of the non-profit Chinese vehicle news website Chinapev.com as well as smart phone news website gadgetsay.com, he is a “crazy” man who likes vehicle so much.


The7 Electronics has grown from an idea in a residential building to a company with over 1,100 orders annually and growing. In order to help more and more of our partner benefit from our genuine electronic products, we will bring our customer new products developed by ourselves every year. With newer and even more labs and equipment, we stand poised to bring more brands and more new gadgets in the near future.

We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you at any time, or online!

Our Team