Times are changing, and how businesses were run a decade ago isn’t the same way it’s done now. The marketing and trading concepts are changing drastically in an evolution that affects all the businesses in the world, no matter the niche. This means that those businesses that aren’t prepared for change, whether big, medium or small, they’re about to meet their demise. Things are getting easier for many entrepreneurs due to the help of technology, but for those still stuck in the past, it’s time you open your eyes and see this as an opportunity to grow your business. To help new enterprises to strive and find their way into the future, many digital agencies have devoted their resources to marketing, access, and distribution of commodities. Among them, Sourcing agents or sourcing companies are the most viable asset for your business.

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You’ll find that numerous Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises are constantly putting massive efforts in sales and marketing of their products. Still, they are inefficient when it comes to the quality and sourcing of products. Some big businesses or brands have to execute complex business operations like product pooling and mass production. They need reliable and affordable manufacturers and suppliers, and after that, a ready market to sell their commodities. Lastly, some Buyers are involved in business dealings that cut across multiple industries. They are looking for quality and affordable products. Therefore, they will have to deal with quite many traders and factories, some of which might not satisfy their wants as they had hoped. In all the three scenarios I have discussed above, sourcing agents are the only best way out.

Whether your business plans to outsource or expand your e-commerce operations or your brand is looking for massive packing and repacking. You’re a buyer looking for the best products in the market. Our sourcing agency is at your service. It’s time you create a seamless chain of events as far as your business is concerned. From the start of sourcing your products, proceeding to the manufacturer, and shipping your commodities to your target market, you need to be smart to outdo your competitors.

For small and medium enterprises running an online business but struggling to get a good manufacturer, quality product design, prototype, and quality control, a professional sourcing agent will help you. You might not have time to visit trade shows or fairs to get a reliable supplier, but we know the best, and we will connect you with them!

Read on to find more reasons why you need a sourcing agent.

5 Reasons Why You Need A Sourcing Agent

  1. There’s no perfect Human resource program to find the best product for you. Typically, what a sourcing agent does is provide business procurement services to customers. These services include reliably sourcing suppliers, quality products, ordering contracts, product inspection, and logistics, something human resource won’t execute as a sourcing agent would do. They will act as a go-between between the buyer and supplier. Both parties will benefit from the help of a reliable sourcing agent. A sourcing agent will also quickly find out the market or origin of your products, saving your time and cost on sourcing.
  2. Product quality control. Insufficient quality control can ruin your entire business. This is because, the moment the consumers realize that your products are sub-standard, they will shift to your competitor, who might be offering high-quality commodities. Also, high-quality products always fetch a reasonable price in the market because buyers are always willing to pay me for the best in class products. In most cases, small and medium-sized enterprises might not have enough resources to pull a thorough quality check themselves. Therefore, they need the help of a sourcing agent who is experienced and puts quality as their priority. This will save you time and money. In our agency, quality checks and assurance are guaranteed. We follow strict guidelines to source products as per your brands and customers’ specifications.
  3. A sourcing agent can help design, prototype, or even manufacture for small companies who don’t have time to manage it. A sourcing agent can convert your idea to a final product. For small businesses that don’t have excess resources to pull this through themselves, they should look for a reliable ally to help them out. This is where a sourcing agent comes in. No matter your product’s niche, we have resources and experience to find you the right designer, manufacturer, and supplier for you. Hiring a reputable sourcing agent will help you negotiate the terms at a position of strength. A sourcing agent will gather all information and history on a wide array of manufacturers and pinpoint those who have experience making similar products with yours. We get you a deal with a manufacturer, designer, and supplier with a proven track record in quality, safety, compliance, and reliability.
  4. If this is your first product, let’s make it a masterpiece! A sourcing agent understands the market well. They know all the ins and outs in the business hence sourcing all you need from the best in class. For instance, they will allocate you a manufacturer to make and prototype your product with whom they can visit at any time and see the progress to ensure nothing goes wrong. They will choose the best supplier to ensure you get final quality products as per your specifications. What is more, if there is any language barrier, a sourcing agent will intervene and communicate seamlessly between you and your manufacturer.
  5. You need an ambassador. A sourcing agent ‘on the ground’ develops deep and viable relationships with suppliers on your behalf. This will prove to be very beneficial for your brand or business in the future. Sourcing agents will hold the ties together in your supply chain. This ensures that everything runs smoothly even when you’re not available to meet your manufacturers and suppliers in person.

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5 Benefits You’ll Get From A Sourcing Agent

  1. Saves you time. Sourcing agents do all the legwork for you! The fact that a sourcing agent is your local representation means that you don’t have to travel to that country to look for suppliers and manufacturers. You also don’t have to attend trade shows and trade fairs to interview different suppliers or manufacturers. You probably don’t have enough time and resources to keep traveling to source your products. To give you time to concentrate on other essential business operations at home, we recommend the help of a sourcing agent. The sourcing agent has been in the field for years, and they know the best suppliers and manufacturers that deal with your type of product hence linking you directly to the best with no hustle.
  2. Product Quality Control. An effective sourcing agent is the one locally located with the supplier. This will give them the ability to visit the manufacturers in person and do the quality checks themselves. This way, you don’t have to rely on the integrity of the suppliers anymore but the assurance of your sourcing agent. Once the sourcing agent is certain that the quality is 100% per customer’s satisfaction, they will proceed with the shipping.
  3. Cost-Effective (Saves you money). When you’ve hired a sourcing agent to source products for you, you’re free not to pay the supplier until you’re fully satisfied with their services. If you’re sourcing products abroad and you’re not planning to set up an office in that country, a sourcing agent can be you’re your local representative. The sourcing agent will negotiate prices with local suppliers, do quality assessment and control, inspect the products before shipping, custom clearance, and market research without you going there. This will save you a lot of money from travel and accommodation expenditures. If you’re looking for mass production, sourcing agents will link you with a manufacturer who will do that for you at a low price. Hiring a sourcing agent reduces the total expenditure hence increasing your earnings.
  4. Safety Assurance. Professional sourcing agents act as a trusted medium between you and the supplier. They have the ability to spot a scam when they come across one and will save you the trouble of dealing with incompetent suppliers. Sourcing agents put their reputation on the line anytime they connect you with a supplier. Therefore, they are no better than to risk everything on a supplier who would disappoint their clients since they will lose as well. This means that a sourcing agent will dedicate all the time he has got to get you a legitimate supplier for both your sakes. They will go the extra mile to do a thorough background check on potential suppliers, root out any history of the suppliers, and interview them personally to be sure of their choice. As an individual business looking to source a product, it’s nearly impossible for you to do all this to perfection. This is the reason why hiring a sourcing agent is to your benefit.
  5. Communication Bridge. In scenarios where there’s a communication barrier between you and your supplier or manufacturer, the sourcing agent steps in and do the translations. Communication is vital since you’re able to relay your expectations and specifications to your supply chain effectively. This will ensure that quality and timely delivery are not compromised.

A sourcing agent is an essential resource to your small or middle-sized business at all times. They will help save you time, reduce overall expenditure, keep you safe from scams and get you quality products without much work. The7sourcing is also a professional sourcing agency in China, our experience can help you in sourcing various products/services, free free to contact us, and we will help you source resources for your brick and mortar or e-commerce business!

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