Once upon a time, with its low price and unique appearance, copycat mobile phones swept China and became popular worldwide. However, with the advent of smartphones, the once giant copycat empire has long disappeared from the market. Shenzhen Huaqiang North (Huaqiangbei) used to be the birthplace of copycat mobile phones, nowadays, Huaqiangbei has no longer sold new phones, and the second mobile phone market has moved to Huaqiang South. Anyway, the rise of smartphones has given Huaqiang North a new industry: the mobile phone accessories market.

SEG Communication Market in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen

Smartphones have swept the world, the industries related to smartphones are also getting hot with unlimited business opportunities. Mobile phone accessories such as mobile phone cases and mobile phone screen protectors have to be equipped with one for newly purchased mobile phones, there are other numerous accessories related to mobile phones, a variety of data cables, mobile phone brackets, mobile phone accessories in the car, headsets, power banks, Bluetooth devices, wearable accessories, etc., nowadays, everybody has a smartphone or more, mobile phone accessories become a really hot industry. In Shenzhen Huaqiangbei, the mobile phone accessories wholesale market also occupies a large area, there are professional mobile phone accessories markets sticking to only phone accessories. These mobile phone accessories markets are mainly wholesale markets and sell various mobile phone related accessories and electronic products. You can find what you can imagine, if you are running your own mobile phone accessories business, Shenzhen Huaqiangbei will not let you down.

Listing of Mobile Phone Accessories Markets in Huaqiangbei

There are several markets that are selling mobile phone accessories, but the main ones are on the following markets: SEG communication market, Longsheng mobile phone accessories city, Pacific Security Communications Market, these markets actually sit together in a small area in Huaqiangbei, it is easy to find and visit without spending too much time, you might find everything that you are looking for, so it is very suitable for wholesale procurement customers.

SEG Communication Market

SEG Communication Market occupies four buildings, this is the SEG Industry Manion and Kangle Mansion branches

SEG communication market is right next to the SEG electronics market (SEG Plaza). The SEG communication market occupies four buildings in Huaqiang North, where they are the best positions, namely SEG Kangle Mansion, SEG Industry Mansion, SEG Economic Mansion, and Baohua Mansion. SEG communication market is a professional market for the wholesale of mobile phone accessories re-established in recent years.

We have a more detailed post to talk about SEG communication market. Each building of SEG communication market has about 3-4 floors, they are connected to each other forming a big market. The first floor of SEG Economic mansion and the Kangle mansion is more likely a grocery, mainly for retail business. For wholesale customers, please go to the 2nd or 3rd floor, business is totally different in the 2nd and 3rd floor, each stall sells different products, each has its own and unique products/business, you can find almost all products related to mobile phones (except mobile phones) you want, such as the most common mobile phone cases, data cable, power bank, headphones, car phone accessories, smart wearable accessories, iPhone accessories, if you intend to engage in the mobile phone accessories sales industry, this will be the best place for you to check around.

Longsheng Mobile Phone Accessories City

Longsheng mobile phone accessories market is located in the east of SEG communication market. You can see Longsheng mobile phone accessories market by walking dozens of meters east along Zhenzhong Road. Longsheng mobile phone accessories market occupies two buildings on the left and right sides of Zhenzhong Road, respectively. Named as Block AB and Block CD of Longsheng accessories city, Longsheng mobile phone accessories market is another professional mobile phone accessories wholesale market besides the SEG communication market, similar to SEG communication market, it mainly sells mobile phone related accessories especially iPhone related product.

The predecessor of Longsheng mobile phone accessories market was Longsheng mobile phone wholesale center. Once Chinese copycat phones, MP3 and netbooks were popular, many small manufacturers set up “offices” here, they could provide customers with a one-stop solution. But now the copycat phones have disappeared, the Longsheng market has successfully transformed into a professional market for selling mobile phone accessories. It is also one of the places frequented visited by international customers.

Longsheng market is the largest mobile phone accessory market in Huaqiangbei. Customers from all over China, including some other countries, basically get mobile phone accessories from this market. There are many categories here, it provides one-stop shopping, a one-stop service. A large number of customers come here every day to purchase/sourcing, it is a factory behind each stall, which is able to help customers customize products with cheapest prices and fast delivery. At present, it has become the largest and most complete Apple accessories market in Shenzhen.

Pacific Security Communications Market

The Pacific Security Communication Market sits between SEG Communication Market and Longsheng Accessories City, it is not a big market. Pacific Security Communication Market was originally a professional market for wholesale and retail of security telecom products, but now it becomes a mobile phone accessories market. The market has 7 floors, but now it is mainly 1-3 floors, most of the stalls are selling mobile phone accessories such as phone cases.

Huitong Communication Accessories Market

Huitong market originally did security products, with the popularity of smartphones, it also started to sell mobile phone accessories. At present, Huitong Market seems a professional market only sells phone case, as we see almost all merchants there are selling all kinds of phone case, you will like this market if your niche is right the phone case.

In addition, there are also other electronic wholesale markets in Huaqiang North area, such as the SEG electronic market, Huaqiang Electronics World we introduced earlier, but if you are sticking on mobile phone accessories niche, we don’t recommend you spending time in these markets, as there are not too many merchants who doing mobile phone accessories business. In addition, Yuanwang Digital City, Mingtong Digital City, and Sangda Electronic Communication Market, which are the famous names of Huaqiang North, have all transformed, they are no longer doing electronic-related products, so you don’t need to shop around there.

Sourcing Tips in Shenzhen Huaqiangbei

The two major mobile phone accessories markets are SEG Communication Market and Longsheng Mobile Phone Accessories City, you should take a look at both markets if you have enough time. If you are doing wholesale business, take a look at the 2nd or 3rd floor of SEG Communication Market, please go to Longsheng Market if you are doing iPhone accessories business.

Huaqiangbei’s mobile phone accessories market is mainly wholesale, a small number of merchants are doing retail business, the prices are very affordable. We also noticed that some products such as mobile phone cases business has serious competition, as the products and quality are similar to each other, so the price competition is fierce, but this is good news for buyers as you can find products at a cheap price and beautiful product.

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